Ask a Doula!

Doulas have made a study of death, dying and grief and have lots of resources available for anyone whose curiosity calls them to explore issues around the dying experience. An educational consultation with a doula is a perfect compliment to estate and financial planning. Together, we can discover the values that have guided your life, explore what is most important to you in the next phase of your life, and share resources that support your goals.

Death is a subject most people are afraid to talk about, yet, like birth, it is one thing we all have in common—we are all going to die. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could talk about death the same way we talk about birth? Sometimes all that is needed is a safe place to start these difficult conversations. Why not invite a group of curious friends to explore these issues together over drinks and appetizers—a sort of death happy hour? I am happy to join your small group and create a safe place to share hopes, fears and honor your experiences around death.

Are you part of a business networking group looking for timely and relevant topics with which to make connections? I’d be happy to join your group to talk about what an end-of-life doula does, why you or your family may need one, and how being deeply present in the death experience can be transformative for all involved.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

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