Even when the death of a loved one is anticipated and planned for, the reality of your person no longer being physically present in your life can be overwhelming and jarring.

The weight of grief is real and difficult to comprehend.

As a doula, I will walk with you through the early stages of processing the death experience, help you organize and prioritize practical matters, support you as you adjust to a new reality and help you redefine your personal identity.

Though the pain of grief is unavoidable, the journey to healing can be transformative when you open your heart to the beauty that can be found along the way.

“Have you ever noticed how beautiful a person is after they’ve wept? It’s as if they are made new again by the baptism of tears. Indeed, when something stuck can be released through grief, we are freeing up a greater capacity to love.”

– Toko-Pa


Bereavement Support

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

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