Living Funeral Ceremony

(Virtual or In Person)

“I could feel a deep care and love coming through which led to many beautiful insights during this experience. This has really helped me view my own life and death with a totally new perspective. I highly recommend, and even look forward to going through this experience again at a future event.”

–Kristina, VLC participant

The living funeral ceremony is an experiential meditation on mortality.

The ceremony is an invitation to connect deeply with the mystery and richness of one’s life. It is an opportunity to reflect on the past, evaluate the present and prepare for the future.

Participants will be guided as they contemplate their personal memorial while imagining parts of their identity falling away. They will complete a writing exercise expressing their last words and wishes, and be gently lead through a death meditation using guided imagery. Past participants have shared that the experience has been life-affirming and even life-altering.

Living funeral ceremonies can be held virtually or in a live, in-person group setting. Private sessions are also available.

“As soon as I was welcomed, I felt very relaxed and taken care of. The meditation itself was very relaxing and I experienced a great calm and peace. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to go deeper and learn more about themselves.”

–Erin, VLC participant

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