Vigil Planning

The last days of a person’s life can be the scariest to imagine and the most remarkable to witness. There is a labor to dying much like there is with birthing, and the event of death is equally sacred to that of birth.

Approaching the last days with intention by creating a vigil plan can give the dying person a sense of control and create a sacred space for loved ones to enter the dying experience.

Oftentimes, much of the vigil plan reveals itself in conversations around life review and meaning work. The plan created will honor your values, create a peaceful atmosphere, define the nature of interactions with those participating in the vigil, and reflect after death choices.

The final vigil plan will be as unique as the person creating it. As a doula, I will ensure that your plan is respected, that those participating are prepared for what to expect and help to carry out the plan as closely as possible under the existing circumstances. 

“Nothing that was real ever died, only names, forms and illusions.”

– Eckhart Tolle


Life Review and Meaning Doula Services

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